Professional Machine Manufacture Flexible Corrugated Pipe Machine

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Professional machine manufactuer flexible corrugated pipe machine
PVC HDPE single wall corrugated pipe machine
Single-wall corrugated pipe machine developed by our company adopts gears to run modules and templates so as to realize water circulating cooling and air cooling of the products, which ensures high-speed molding, even corrugation, smooth inner and outer pipe wall. These corrugated pipes are especially used in wires conduit pipe.It is mainly for the production of raw materials to PVC.PP.PE small diameter single wall corrugated pipe. Die by the corresponding forming a homogeneous single-wallcorrugated bellows products. Threading pipe for wire and cable, washing machinedrains, vacuum cleaners, ventilation pipe, prestressed concrete special tubes.

Corrugated Pipe Machine

The advantages of plastic corrugated pipes

1. With both rigid and flexible: has sufficient mechanical properties, at the same time has excellent flexibility.

2. Compared with the plate pipe, corrugated pipe has lighter weight, save material, lower energy consumption, cheaper;

3. corrugated pipes with smooth inner wall can reduce the flow resistance of liquid in the pipe, improve the transmission capacity;

4. Good performance in resistance to chemical corrosion, can resist the effect of alkali in the soil.

5. Pipe with corrugation form can increase the load resistance of the pipe to the soil, at the same time, do not affect its flexibility,so that it can be laid on the uneven ground continuously.

6. Easily to connect and good in tightness . Easily handing, easily install, reduce the labor intensity, reduce working period.

7. Wide using temperature range, inflaming retarding, self-extinguish, safety in use.

8. safe insulation, is an ideal material for the electric wire conduit.


Post time: Sep-16-2023
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