Twin Wall Corrugated PP Hollow Sheet Extrusion Machine Manufacturer Factory Price

Twin wall corrugated PP hollow sheet extrusion machine manufacturer factory price

pp hollow sheet machine
Tongsan PP hollow corrugated sheet extrusion machine can produce the sheet with the width of 1220-2800mm.

With continuous improvement in the field of hardware and software, new and optimized electronic control system, original designed fast cooling and calibrating design, high-precision haul off and cutting control, Tongsan PP corrugated hollow sheet machine has the advantages of stably production, high efficiency, superior quality of finished product, wide adaptability of raw material.

We can also equip the die cutting machine, printing machine, welding machine, and riveting machine for pp hollow sheet processing according to customer's requirements.


Why use PP corrugated sheet

The plastic hollow sheet is eco-friendly new material in the has the advantage of non-toxic, no smell, pollution-free, water-proof, anti-moisture, corrosion resistance, light weight, tough-resisting, thermal shock proof, economy and durability, rich colors etc, It also has the properties of flexural resistance, tensile resistance and high strength etc.
The plastic hollow sheet is widely used in advertisement, interrior decoration, transportation and package for machinery, electron, home appliance, medicine, food, glass, agricultural products.
The PP hollow sheet corrugated box is new packing material in the market, it can be manufactured with different size and shape, it is ideal packing material for replacing the paper box and calcium plastic box.
The PP hollow sheet is reusable and 100% recyclable, and there is non-pollution in production, it is environment-friendly products which is widely proposed. The paper industry causes environment pollution and the production cost is going up higher and higher. With the vigorous development of e-commerce, the market demands of packing box is bigger and bigger, the future logistics packaging requires light weight,economic and environment-friendly packing material, the plastic hollow sheet completely conforms to this concept, so the plastic hollow sheet has a broad development prospect.


Post time: Dec-26-2023
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